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 Instruct four wheel

driving skills

As a reminder - please note that in order to train and assess Nationally Recognised qualifications or units, that you will need to also complete a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, in addition to completing the below program and undertaking the Instructors Course.

About the program

This program is a combination internship/mentorship, it is customised to the needs, skills and experience of each student.

This program delivers the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to instruct four wheel driving skills. This unit focuses on planning, instructing and evaluating instructional four wheel driving sessions to enable participants to achieve the skills and knowledge required to participate independently in four wheel driving activities.

The unit includes the following:

  • Plan four wheel drive session, including establishing the participant's needs and characteristics, and assessing participant's current four wheel driving knowledge in order to determine the session's aims and objectives.

  • Determine an appropriate instructional plan according to participant's needs and characteristics.

  • Develop a driving plan  according to participant's needs and characteristics, relevant legislation and organisational policies and procedures.

  • Select a location according to participant's needs, session's objectives, relevant legislation and organisational policies and procedures.

  • Identify potential hazards associated with four wheel driving on various terrain types, and minimise risks  according to organisational policies and procedures.

  • Access relevant sources to interpret detailed weather and environmental information and determine contingency plans.

  • Select and access equipment and resources according to contextual issues and organisational policies and procedures.

  • Check equipment for safety, suitability and working condition according to relevant legislation, organisational policies and procedures and manufacturer's recommendations.

  • Check contents of first aid and repair kits to ensure their suitability to the location and activity.

  • Arrange, where required, protective clothing for each participant.

  • Communicate instructions and relevant information about the four wheel drive session in a manner appropriate to the participants.

  • Establish a suitable communication system to use while participating in four wheel driving.

  • Inform participants of known and anticipated hazards, safety procedures and appropriate behaviour.

  • Define activity boundaries and training area to participants.

  • Check and confirm that all participants and vehicles are properly equipped for the trip and conditions.

  • Conduct relevant introductory activities and demonstrate procedures for dealing with emergency and non-routine situations according to organisational policies and procedures.

  • Apply instructional techniques to impart required knowledge, four wheel driving skills and safety and recovery procedures.

  • Observe participants during session and adjust or modify individual and or group technique as required.

  • Respond to emergencies or non-routine situations according to relevant legislation and organisational policies and procedures.

  • Allow time for reflection at the end of the session, and inform participants of opportunities to further develop their four wheel driving skills and knowledge.

  • Retrieve, inspect, repair and store equipment according to organisational policies and procedures.

  • Provide opportunities for participants to identify their personal progress and satisfaction with the session and give feedback as required.

  • Evaluate relevant aspects  of the session and determine the level of learning achieved, and identify potential areas of improvement for future four wheel drive instructional sessions.

For any questions regarding this unit, or any other unit or training needs, then please contact us on 0417 761 610 or via email at

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