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RIIVEH201E - Operate light vehicle 

About the unit

This unit delivers the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to operate a light vehicle.

The unit includes the following:

  • Plan and prepare for light vehicle operations, including accessing, applying and ensuring compliant vehicle operations documentation.

  • Plan vehicle operation considering work activity, travel duration, passengers and equipment safety.

  • Select and load equipment and/or ancillary attachment.

  • Organising work activities to comply with site standards.

  • Identify, address and report potential hazards and risks, including selecting and wearing appropriate personal protective equipment for planned work activities.

  • Identify, address and report environmental issues.

  • Carry out pre-start, start-up, park-up and shutdown procedures, and successfully operate light vehicle.

  • Operate equipment within recommended speed, engine capability and limitations.

  • Use vehicle lights and indicators in accordance with traffic regulations.

  • Identify and respond appropriately to hazardous and/or emergency driving situations.

  • Carry out operator maintenance, including conducting visual inspections to identify faults, conducting routine operational servicing and housekeeping activities, carrying out minor maintenance and repairs, reporting defective or irregular performance, and maintaining and updating vehicle written records.

  • Knowledge of fatigue management techniques, light vehicle refuelling procedures, loading/offloading procedures, map reading and road navigation techniques, methods of securing loads, equipment and trailer characteristics, technical capabilities and limitations.


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