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Nationally Recognised Courses

At the Australian Offroad Academy, you or your teams have the option of studying individual, nationally-recognised and accredited courses that suit your needs, that are always contextualised to your specific workplace environment, so you are learning new skills and knowledge in the practical context in which you work or want to travel recreationally.

Whether you are from a Corporate or Government agency or a recreational driver, you may be looking for the following: 

  • consistency and safety in individual and team performance in 4WD offroad driving in the field across the whole fleet

  • proper maintenance and care of 4x4 vehicles

  • learning about the traction technology and other vehicle technology to ensure the vehicles are used properly 

  • satisfy an organisation's duty of care and mitigate the risk to staff, equipment and the general public of poor practices, performance and maintenance

  • decrease costs over time due to proper vehicle and recovery accessory care, and less downtime as a result of workplace injury, getting 'bogged' or other workplace offroad incidents. 

Nationally-recognised qualifications and units provide standardisation, mitigation of risk, increased performance across all teams across a number of factors, and decreased long-term costs.

Nationally-recognised qualifications and units also gives you and your organisation the ultimate flexibility – you can select one unit that you want to upskill in, or you can select a whole number of them. As a result, you will have a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment delivered to you, in partnership with our partnering RTO Health Security Education (RTO#40907). 

As part of our offering, we have a number of individual subjects that you can select from. Please find them below. Each of these is hyperlinked so that you can get more information on them. Note that if two subjects are on a similar topic, the one that is lower down the list will be the more advanced subject.

SISODRV001 - Drive AWD/4WD vehicles on unsealed roads

RIIVEH201E - Operate light vehicle

PMASUP236 - Operate vehicles in the field 

TLIC2049 - Operate heavy vehicle on unsealed roads 

RIIVEH305F - Operate and maintain a four wheel drive vehicle 

FWPCOT3326 - Recover four wheel drive vehicles

TLIC0023 - Operate four wheel drive vehicle

We also deliver the following:

AHCMOM217 - Operate quad bikes

AHCMOM216 - Operate side by side utility vehicles

For those who wish to undertake a 4WD Instructors Course we also offer an Instructors Program. For more information on this program, please contact us below...

For any questions regarding any of the above units, or other specific training needs, then please contact us via our Contact Us page, on 0417 761 610 or via email at

Note: All Nationally Recognised Training is delivered in partnership with the RTO Health Security Education RTO #40907

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