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Dave "Dingo" Darmody is the Founder, Director and Principal Instructor at The Australian Offroad Academy (AORA) – one of Australia’s leading 4x4 offroad and touring educators delivering outstanding training and tours for recreational, corporate and government clients all over Australia. 

Dingo Dave has over 20 years of educational experience, and is a qualified Outdoor and Environmental Education Teacher. He has used this experience to deliver outstanding, entertaining and exceptional quality 4x4 education in numerous locations all over Australia, as well as taking clients on boutique tours to some of Australia's most remote and stunning locations.

Dingo Dave's mission is to provide AORA's students and clients with the skills necessary to safely and confidently explore the outdoors, confident in the knowledge that both our clients and their vehicles can handle the chosen terrain – safely, securely and with real joy. 

Dingo Dave is also an experienced leader not just in the 4x4 industry, but also through his work as Event Director for the Dunga Derby – run by the charity Rally For A Cause, a community charity actively supporting Fraser Coast families and individuals affected by life-limiting medical conditions or whose lives have been disrupted by detrimental circumstances beyond their control. 

Now in it's fourth year, Rally for a Cause has raised over $700,000 for families and individuals in the Fraser Coast region. It is Dingo Dave's responsibility to organise and run the annual event Dunga Derby event, which is the annual fundraising event that sees up to 55 teams and over 200 people take part in a four-day car rally.


Dingo Dave also runs a social media video series called "Dingo's Diary" - a series of short videos introducing people to aspects of 4x4 driving, such as making 4x4 trips more family friendly, desert driving, snow driving, sand driving, and numerous other topics that make 4x4 driving accessible, safe and enjoyable! Check out Dingo's Diary here.

Dingo Dave is also a partner on the Offroad Adventure Show, where he uses his profile and skills to help promote the 4x4 lifestyle, whilst teaching the basics and fundamentals of safe 4x4 driving and touring. His goal is to make the 4x4 lifestyle accessible to as many as possible, ensuring it is done safely, respecting the local environment, and always with a big smile on one's face.

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