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AHCMOM217 - Operate quad bikes

About the unit

This unit delivers the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to operate and maintain quad bikes as well as load and unload them onto trailers or other vehicles used for their transport.

The unit includes the following:

  • Prepare a quad bike for operation.

  • Confirm the activity to be undertaken with supervisor, including potential hazards and implementation of safe working procedure.

  • Select, fit correctly, use and maintain personal protective equipment including helmets.

  • Conduct safety pre operational checks on quad bike and report faults or malfunctions for repair.

  • Identify safe work areas and applications (loads and attachments) from workplace safety plan and operators manual.

  • Unload quad bike safely from the trailer or transportation device.

  • Recognise and control risks to self and others.

  • Operate a quad bike, including steer, manoeuvre, position and stop quad bike in a smooth and controlled manner.

  • Apply hand-eye coordination and transfer of body weight appropriately (active riding) to maintain bike stability.

  • Identify and avoid riding surfaces, terrains and slopes that are dangerous to safe operation.

  • Identify environmental implications associated with machinery operation and minimise impact.

  • Identify and account for biosecurity implications associated with machinery operation.

  • Complete and check quad bike operation, including conducting shut-down procedures.

  • Perform routine operational servicing and minor maintenance.

  • Identify and report malfunctions, faults, irregular performance or damage.

  • Clean, secure and store quad bike, including following wash-down procedures in line with biosecurity guidelines where required.

  • Maintain quad bike use records for servicing purposes.

  • Load and secure quad bike safely.

For any questions regarding this unit, or any other unit or training needs, then please contact us on 0417 761 610 or via email at

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