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Offroad Ready Courses

Offroad Ready Courses are our courses for recreational drivers. They are not formal qualifications or nationally-recognised courses, but they do equip you with the important information to get Offroad Ready, and to have some serious fun with your 4WD vehicle!


They are also a fantastic option for those who have recently purchased a 4WD and want to learn how to set up their vehicles for offroad success, including learning about the traction technology.

These can be delivered as individual training, group training, or in corporate groups.


Offroad Ready Courses are fantastic days to be shared with friends, family or simply the chance to meet like-minded people who are passionate about exploring Australia's extraordinary cultural and natural environments.

Whether you are planning a trip to Cape York, K'Gari (Fraser Island), the Desert, or simply a trip to the beach, we have the courses for you. 

All of these courses are run multiple times a year in various locations Australia-wide, so do get in touch if you have any questions or whether you would like to provide an Expression Of Interest in any of them.

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Low Range Courses

Our Low Range course is the perfect place to start. During this course you will learn:

  • Track assessment

  • Vehicle preparation

  • Hill climbs

  • Recovery techniques

  • Minimum impact driving

  • Water crossings

Suitable for; Small, medium and large, high clearance 4wds, 4x4 trucks and motorhomes.

Sand Driving Courses

Take your skills to a new terrain type by joining our Sand Driving Courses. During this course you will learn:

  • Tyre pressure and vehicle performance.

  • Self-recovery techniques

  • Reading beach conditions

  • Beach etiquette

  • Plenty of supported driving time

Suitable for; Small, medium and large, high clearance 4wds, 4x4 trucks and motorhomes.

Advanced Recovery Course


Sometimes, we just get stuck. The Advanced Recovery Course will give you the skills to get yourself out of the worst of situations safely, and without damage to your vehicle or equipment.

During this course you will learn:

  • Winching - lots of winching

  • Single, and multiple line winching

  • Anchor selection.

  • Winch care

  • Modern winching equipment and technique

Suitable for; Small, medium and large, high clearance 4wds, 4x4 trucks and motorhomes.

Camper Trailer Course

Sometimes you need more than a roofrack. Our offroad towing course is all about getting you and your family with all their gear to where you want to be, safely and securely. Whether you have a camper trailer, caravan or other trailer, this is the course for you. This is a two-day, two-night course - an unforgettable journey and educational experience!

  • Arrive loaded and ready to go - no point towing an empty trailer!

  • Loading your vehicle/trailer

  • Hitching and unhitching

  • Vehicle and trailer preparation

  • Track assessment

  • Vehicle and trailer recovery

  • Driving, stopping, reversing and turning

  • Trip planning and navigation

  • Rules and regulations

  • 'Outback' rules of the road

  • Communicating with trucks, friends and family

  • Planning for self sufficiency.

Custom Courses

The Australian Offroad Academy have extensive expertise, skills and knowledge, touring and travelling experience, to design a course to meet your specific needs for your specific vehicle. Whether your vehicle is a custom vehicle or trailer/caravan, or whether you simply would like a customised training and education program that equips you for the exact terrain and context you would like - we can tailor and create a fit-for-purpose program for you. 


Whether you are a first timer heading to Fraser Island, or an experienced four wheel driver planning for 'the big lap', we can help you with the skills and training you need to explore Australia and beyond, and all its unique environments, in confidence.

We also create custom courses and tours for corporate clients for groups of individuals - either staff or clients. Get in touch to discuss how we can deliver the ultimate 4WD experience for your group!

Interested in pricing or booking in? 

If you're interested in pricing or dates - please click on the Book Now button, which will take you to our product and booking page. It will have current dates and pricing. If you don't see anything that suits in terms of dates or location - then get in touch!

We will be sure to facilitate something for you.


If you have any other questions, or the dates or locations don't work, then please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

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