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The Australian Offroad Academy (AORA) is one of Australia’s leading 4x4 offroad and touring educators delivering outstanding training and tours for recreational, corporate and government clients all over Australia. The Australian Offroad Academy operates throughout Australia, delivering fit-for-purpose, exceptional quality 4x4 educational training (both accredited and non-accredited) for corporate and government organisations, and individual customers Australia-wide.

The training delivered is extensive in its scope, but can include:

  • Low range courses

  • Sand driving courses

  • Desert driving courses

  • Advanced recovery courses

  • 4x4 instructor courses

  • Towing courses

  • And numerous others (check out our Courses section)


The Australian Offroad Academy also delivers courses and training for offroad trucks, trailer touring and offroading, quad bikes, side by side vehicles and other custom courses that are tailored to the needs of corporate and government organisations, and individual customers.

The Australian Offroad Academy also runs tours and events on a regular basis, taking groups of individuals to remote and sometimes exotic locations for recreational or educational purposes. In the past, these have included Fraser Island, Cape York, Birdsville, Stradbroke Island, Mount Isa Rodeo and numerous others.


At the heart of The Australian Offroad Academy, is a passion for adult education and learning – we take enormous pride in the quality of the educational experience, ensuring that it is an engaging, interesting, entertaining and at all times a safe experience for our customers. This extends across all of our Training and Tourism products.

We are proud to be the selected preferred suppliers and partners for The Offroad Show, HEMA Maps Xray, Thunder, Darche, Maxtrax, Mickey Thompson, and RFI Technology Services. 


Our team are experts in the 4x4 field - passionate, experienced, nationally accredited and qualified offroaders with years of experience in real offroad adventures. They are engaging, yet approachable in providing group and one-on-one support. They believe in the enormous value of 4x4s in delivering the ultimate lifestyle – adventure, play and the ability to bring families together for the ultimate trip away.

Our mission is to provide our students and clients with the skills necessary to safely and confidently explore the outdoors, confident in the knowledge that both our clients and their vehicles can handle the chosen terrain – safely, securely and with real joy.


We believe in the power of 4x4 driving in bringing families together - always living the ultimate 4 x4 lifestyle.

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