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SISODRV405A - Coordinate recovery of

4WD vehicles

About the unit

This unit delivers the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to coordinate recovery of a four wheel drive vehicle using advanced techniques and equipment such as a recovery or snatch strap, winch and jack in difficult terrain conditions. It applies to those who drive 4WD vehicles in difficult terrain for work or recreational purposes. 

The unit includes the following:

  • Survey site and identify hazards, assess risk and define danger zones according to operating variables.

  • Select a suitable recovery strategy and apply risk management strategies according to relevant legislation and organisational policies and procedures.

  • Access rated recovery equipment suitable to selected recovery method and apply strategies to ensure safe use according to organisational policies and procedures and manufacturer's specifications.

  • Apply strategies to reduce environmental impact during recovery.

  • Determine specific hazards associated with use of recovery or snatch straps.

  • Identify recovery points and prepare vehicle for recovery.

  • Coordinate recovery of a vehicle on a steep incline using recovery or snatch straps.

  • Complete post-recovery vehicle and equipment checks.

  • Use a winch to recover a four wheel drive vehicle.

  • Identify specific hazards associated with winch recoveries.

  • Prepare vehicles for a winch recovery after identification of recovery points.

  • Establish safe ground anchor points in different terrain conditions.

  • Use pulley blocks to give a mechanical advantage and change the direction of the winch.

  • Use a tree trunk protector when using a tree as an anchor point.

  • Identify specific hazards associated with the use of jacks.

  • Demonstrate safe positioning of jacks.

  • Apply safe operating procedures when using a jack to lift a vehicle according to organisational policies and procedures and manufacturer's specifications.

  • Maintain vehicle recovery equipment.

  • Document equipment and vehicle maintenance according to organisational policies and procedures.

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