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SISODRV404A - Drive a 4WD vehicle in difficult terrain

About the unit

This unit delivers the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to select and use appropriate range, gear and techniques to drive a four wheel drive vehicle through and over difficult terrain. This includes the performance of maintenance and minor repairs on four wheel drive vehicles.

The unit includes the following:

  • Plan the four wheel driving activity, including determining contextual issues impacting on the activity according to relevant legislation and organisational policies and procedures.

  • Access relevant sources to identify and interpret weather and environmental information.

  • Determine food and water requirements.

  • Access required equipment  and check serviceability according to relevant legislation and organisational policies and procedures.

  • Drive a four wheel drive vehicle in difficult terrain.

  • Perform routine pre-departure checks  and take action to correct any deficiency.

  • Apply safe vehicle loading practices and secure personal items according to organisational policies and procedures.

  • Engage front free wheel hubs where appropriate.

  • Survey track to identify hazards and risks, and select the best route to minimise damage to the environment.

  • Use appropriate range, gear, speed, driving and braking technique to negotiate a range of difficult terrain types while maintaining control of vehicle at all times.

  • Advise passengers of any special safety precautions to be taken when traversing difficult terrain.

  • Perform a safe stop and forward or reverse start on a steep incline where required.

  • Demonstrate appropriate use of handbrake.

  • Apply risk management procedures relating to blind corners and oncoming traffic according to organisational policies and procedures.

  • Perform maintenance and minor repairs on four wheel drive vehicles.

  • Check, where necessary, brakes and undercarriage after negotiating difficult terrain.

  • Use a jack to support a four wheel drive vehicle on uneven ground, according to organisational policies and procedure and manufacturer's specifications.

  • Perform wheel removal and or replacement.

  • Complete vehicle performance reports and notify designated personnel.

  • Minimal impact driving techniques to ensure protection of the environment.

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